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¡Enjoy Benidorm without it having to be summer!

  Last Monday was a day that many of us weren’t looking forward to. And even less so knowing what it meant. On Monday the summer officially ended. But here we have enjoyed it so much! We couldn’t have asked for better temperatures, the parties haven’t ceased and the plans neither, we have made the […]

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September holiday in Benidorm: What to do in the town?

plans benidorm september

  Every year, September arrives, bringing change to Benidorm. The temperatures decrease slightly and going out at night with a light jacket feels good. The streets feel empty in comparison to the last couple of months. The beaches too, even though the water is just as appetizing. This along with cheaper accommodation are some great […]

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Holidays in Benidorm, a perfect choice for all audiences


  Walking through the Benidorm streets one quickly realizes something that we love: the town is visited by, not only people of multiple nationalities, but also by people of all ages. So it is. Benidorm captivates children, teenagers, adults and pensioners. All publics find in our beloved town just what they need for an unforgettable […]

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Plans for your summer holiday in Benidorm

Activities summer Benidorm

  Officially, just a couple of days ago summer has started. But in Benidorm we have been enjoying it for a while now!! The thermometers have settled between 18-27 degrees, the blue sky and the sea have become the main focus of the days and to spend hours sunbathing, cooling down and relaxing is once […]

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Benidorm holiday: this is how the town begins a new season

holidays benidorm summer

  It’s almost here! We almost have it here! And in Benidorm we already started to feel it. We’re talking about the summer, the beach season, sun, waves, sand, sunsets, night walks … And everything you can enjoy this holiday in Benidorm! In a few weeks we will officially enter the summer season but Benidorm […]

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Plans in Benidorm: Getting to know l’Abadia beer house

plans benidorm

  Golden, black, toasted, IPA, pilsen, wheat … If we ask you to think about your favourite beer, which one comes to mind? And, if you could choose from a catalogue with more than 100 choices, what beer would you choose? Would you take a sure bet? or would you like to try something new […]

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What to do on your April holiday in Benidorm

April Benidorm

  Spring has arrived! And Benidorm is already preparing its most animated, versatile, attractive and pleasant side. April presents itself as the perfect month to start warming up. Have you booked your Benidorm apartment for this time of the year? Do you need an excuse to pack your bags and get away? Then read on to […]

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Plans to do in Benidorm for couples

valentines day benidorm

  February is famously known as the month of love. On the 14th February people take advantage of the Valentine’s Day celebrations, considered as the patron saint of lovers, to surprise their partners by demonstrating their love in just a little more special way than the rest of the year. Although surprises and gifts are […]

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