plans benidorm september

Every year, September arrives, bringing change to Benidorm. The temperatures decrease slightly and going out at night with a light jacket feels good. The streets feel empty in comparison to the last couple of months. The beaches too, even though the water is just as appetizing. This along with cheaper accommodation are some great reasons to help convince you that a September holiday in Benidorm is a great idea.


The temperatures are more bearable, the streets in the centre and the beach are quieter, especially on Levante, and it’s easier to find offers and promotions to make your stay more economical. But, on top of all of this, in September the summer hasn’t ended. And even less so in this town, which continues to vibrate and organize events for you to enjoy. There are plenty of plans awaiting you on your September holiday in Benidorm and we want to give you some options to convince you.



Benidorm Pride

The arrival of September in Benidorm means the arrival of a new edition of the Benidorm Pride. The streets of the centre, especially those in the gay area, are decorated to celebrate the Gay Pride day. In the bars and pubs in the area, different events and themed parties take place throughout the week. And one day before the party ends, it’s time for the most well-known and talked about event: The Grand Parade. Floats and cars parade the Levante Beach from the Rincon de Loix, the Mediterranean avenue and l’Aigüera until reaching the Julio Iglesias auditorium, where the party will continue.

Benidorm with children

If you come to Benidorm with children and you are looking for something to do as a family, a good option is to go to l’Hort de Colón to enjoy the activities plan that they have been organizing all summer, finalizing at the end of September. Find out about their children’s workshops, animations, theaters or concerts that take place every day of the week and it has free entry.

The Benidorm locals don’t feel that summer has arrived until the Aqualandia water park opens its doors. The same happens with the end of summer. And Aqualandia has not closed yet, so you still have time so hurry up and buy your tickets to spend a day at the park.

The theme park Terra Mítica is also a great option to choose on your holiday in Benidorm in September thanks to the ideal temperatures and lower volume of daily visitors to the park.

Discover Benidorm

As we have said, something that comes with September every year is the decrease in temperatures. They are still enjoyable but the days of intense sun when you have to shelter in the shade or in the water have passed. The perfect balance to go out and explore Benidorm and discover what it hides between its streets and its natural landscapes. On foot is the means of transport that we recommend most in this town.

See Benidorm along the Levante and Poniente seafronts, taking a pause to look out over the Mediterranean balcony, get lost between the steep and labyrinth like streets of the old town… What if you prefer to walk in the countryside? Going up to the famous Benidorm Cross will allow you to exercise your legs while contemplating a beautiful view of the sea, the mountains and the Benidorm skyline. Carry on to the Serra Gelada and opt for some of its routes, too.

Benidorm Beaches

The water is cooler, the sand burns a little less and finding a place on the seashore is much easier. The Benidorm beaches never close their gates and visiting and swimming on them in September is a highly recommended experience. On Levante you will enjoy a livelier atmosphere, on Poniente, you will find it more peaceful and on Mal Pas, the cosiest and perfect place to disconnect from Benidorm.

Plans in Benidorm

In addition to all of the above, we want to add a few plans to your list of things to do in Benidorm in September:

· Fancy taking a boat trip to the Benidorm island. Quieter, less queues and more peace of mind to enjoy this different experience.
· Enjoy a delicious meal or a drink while you feel that you are floating on the Mediterranean in D-Vora Gastrobar.
· Take advantage of the good weather we still have to visit the surroundings of Benidorm, as well as its beaches. One recommendation: Paraíso beach and its beach bar, in Villajoyosa.