Activities summer Benidorm

Officially, just a couple of days ago summer has started. But in Benidorm we have been enjoying it for a while now!! The thermometers have settled between 18-27 degrees, the blue sky and the sea have become the main focus of the days and to spend hours sunbathing, cooling down and relaxing is once again the most recommendable plan for a holiday in Benidorm.

And the best part is that… There’s still more to come! The town has a lot to offer and we want to tell you how you can enjoy this summer holiday in Benidorm.

Low Festival Benidorm

One of the most anticipated events of the summer for Benidorm locals and Benidorms visitors is undoubtedly the Low Festival. This festival of indie-pop music has been a major event each summer for 10 years now. And this year was not going to be any less. This year it will take place on July 26th, 27th and 28th and Foals, Bastille, Vetusta Morla, Love of Lesbian and New Order are some of the groups that make the line up along with dozens of other artists.

And the best thing about the festival is, without doubt, its surroundings. It is celebrated in the Ciudad Deportiva Guillermo Amor in Benidorm, which has spacious and comfortable infrastructures surrounded by green areas where you can relax. Are you going to the festival? Whether you attend the Low Festival or not, what you will enjoy is a few days in which the town will be more lively than ever.

Reggaeton Beach Festival Benidorm

And as Benidorm seeks to satisfy all audiences and tastes, this summer the urban music festival will once again be held: The Reggaeton Beach Festival. An appointment that lovers of this musical style cannot miss and that will take place on July 13th in the same place as the Low Festival. An intense and complete day in which between 12 and 15 international artists will pass through the stage.

To refresh and have fun

There’s nothing more appetizing in the hot sun than a long soak in cool water. And what if at the same time as you cool down you try a new activity and have a fun experience. Benidorm, the town with miles of beaches, has many options of activities to offer to enjoy the Mediterranean.

路 On the Levante Beach you will find one of the jewels of the crown: a platform from which you can do water skiing or wakeboarding. There are many tourists and locals who visit every summer to practice their skills or learn from scratch this refreshing sport.

路 Have you ever been on a jet ski? Would you like to fly over the sea on a parachute? Parasailing? Do you dare to test your endurance on the famous ‘banana boat’? You can book these experiences and many more on both the Levante and Poniente beaches. We would like to encourage you to get some more information and try one of them to ensure some moments of laughter.

路 If you dare to practice diving in the Benidorm sea, you will be sure to have an unforgettable memory of your holiday forever. You can trust the different diving schools and clubs based in the town. Serra Gelada Natural Park was declared in 2005 as the first marine-terrestrial Natural Park and we can assure you that discovering its seabed will be a unique experience.

Plans for summer in Benidorm

路 When the good weather arrives, one of the greatest pleasures for many is to go for a walk and take a seat on any terrace. In Benidorm we have good weather, many terraces and, in addition, we have the best views. Nothing more pleasant than enjoying good company, or alone, a coffee, a drink or a tapa overlooking the Mediterranean. For this, we recommend the Paseo de Levante, very lively at this time of year.

路 Another of the many beautiful things that summer offers us in Benidorm are the sunsets. We assure you it will be difficult to erase this image it from your mind, the sea view, the skyscrapers and the sun setting over the mountains. We would like to recommend two of the best places where you can enjoy this moment of the day and from which, in addition, you can enjoy the smell, the sound and the sea breeze: The castle area 鈥淓l Castillo鈥 and the port. And if you want to see it from a beach, we would recommend the Poniente side.

路 One of the luxuries we can afford to take when we are on holiday is to make the most of the days and enjoy them until well into the night. The time space between 10pm and 1am or 2am in the morning is undoubtedly the liveliest of Benidorm in summer. The sun has fallen, the beach and pool session is over and it is time to go out and get to know the streets in the centre and their gastronomic offer. For dinner we recommend you try the Tapas Alley. And to stretch out the nigh a little more, the Alameda Street, where every step you will find a table where you can sit down and have a drink.

See Benidorm, an alternative way

We have already told you about the basic ways that you can travel within Benidorm. But they are not the only ways! We propose you try some others a bit more special, fun and perfect for your summer holiday.

路 You would be surprised how fun and enriching a bike ride through Benidorm can be. Discover Benidorm from one end to the other, get into the Serra Gelada, get to know the surroundings… Do you fancy trying one of these plans?

路 Nature excursions allow us to get to know the most beautiful side of the town. Benidorm in summer is not the most recommended place to go out on foot in the mountains. But by sea it definitely is! Discover the beauty of the Natural Park of the Serra Gelada is possible by land but we recommend you do it from the sea.

路 A more adventurous plan with an extra dose of adrenaline and perfect to get you into the country side of Benidorm is to take a route by quad. Can you imagine the sensation of hitting the accelerator through the Benidorm countryside?