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Of all the different neighbourhoods that make up Benidorm, it’s in the Rincón de Loix that the Beninter apartments are located. The Rincon de Loix in Benidorm is one of the best known areas for national tourists and, above all, international tourists, thanks to its wide range of leisure activities and services and for being one of the main access gates to the, beloved by many, Levante beach. Do you want to know why renting an apartment in the Rincon de Loix in Benidorm is a good idea? We’ll give you 5 reasons. Keep reading to discover them!



Benidorm’s Levante Beach

Approximately 2 kilometres of fun, relaxation and a place to disconnect. This is Benidorm’s Levante Beach. A beach that stretches along from the Rincón de Loix until you reach the old town area. A 7 or 10-minute walk separates the farthest Beninter apartment from the Levante Beach and barely 2 minutes from the closest.

Levante is, without a doubt, the beach that has the most fans. We are sure that this is true not only thanks to its sea and sand, but also for its ice cream shops, coffee shops, crêperies, pubs and restaurants that stretch along its promenade. Levante is, in addition, one of the main attractions of the Benidorm nightlife. The pubs are transformed into discos with terraces opening up onto the streets, taking the atmosphere out and along the seafront.

So, of course, the proximity to the Levante Beach is our first reason to recommend a holiday in an apartment in the Rincon de Loix in Benidorm.


Goodbye to the centre of Benidorm

The Rincón de Loix is ​​a neighbourhood outside of the centre of Benidorm. But we must say that this isn’t, at all, a negative aspect. Rather the complete opposite. Have you ever been to Benidorm? If the answer is yes, you will know that this wonderful town is big and small at the same time. The best form of transport for those who live in it or visit it is to go on foot. When we say that the Rincon de Loix is ​​outside the centre, it’s only about 20 minutes’ walk away, a distance that made on foot along the beach is an enjoyable walk.

And what are the advantages of being outside the centre of Benidorm? The tall buildings are required to have minimum distance between them, designed so that each one has space for gardens, swimming pools and, in short, large outdoor spaces that guarantee a respite for their neighbours and greater comfort. And that is precisely what all our apartments in Benidorm have: outdoor communal areas for the enjoyment of all.


Great offer of services, leisure and restauration

The Rincon de Loix area has tourists and residents living all year round. That is why on each of its streets you can find supermarkets, bars, restaurants, entertainment, pubs, attractions and, in short, everything you can imagine. What are we trying to say? If you choose the Rincón de Loix as the area to stay in, you will have everything you need during your holidays in Benidorm without having to go to the centre or anywhere else.


Nightlife in Benidorm

We have already advanced a bit on this subject when talking about the Levante Beach. Staying in the Rincón de Loix means staying in a neighbourhood near not just one of the main party areas of Benidorm, but also to another of them: The British area. Although many people prefer to start the night in places located in the old town and then move to one of these, the truth is that in them you can find an atmosphere at any time of the day.


Good connections to get in and out of Benidorm

Although perhaps not so important, another aspect to appreciate and that we want to highlight of the Rincón de Loix is ​​how accessible this area is with respect to the entry and exit of the town. This is so because the roads that take you to this neighbourhood are also the two main avenues of Benidorm: Avenida Europa, from which you enter when you come by road, and Avenida Mediterráneo, which connects the Rincón with the old town area. Avoid queues, avoid traffic jams and avoid, if you travel in your own car having to move around the centre of the town with.