apartment benidormIn a recent blog post we told you 10 reasons why renting an apartment in Benidorm for your holiday was a good option. Feeling like you are at home, sharing the experience with a large group or family, having different spaces for greater comfort, a significant saving on the budget … Many advantages that end up making your holiday more enjoyable.


However, today what we want to talk to you about is not about their advantages, but of what you can do with them. Benidorm, August, 28 degrees, the beach a few meters away, Beninter apartments ready to offer you the best accommodation … How can you make the most of your stay in our apartments? A few ideas that come to mind.

Apartments with a sea view in Benidorm

When we think of ways to take advantage of our apartments in Benidorm, the first thing we think about is their balconies. All of our apartments have large balconies with sea views. Some closer, that will make you feel as if you are floating, and others a little more distant but when you look out and see the blue colour all the way to the horizon you will feel the same sensation.

What if you make the balcony into the main living room of the apartment? We can think of many things to do on it. Sunbathe, read the newspaper or a book, have a coffee … Why not make the most of its potential by organizing lunch or dinner? If you have friends or acquaintances, you can invite them too.

Remember that one of the main advantages of staying in an apartment in Benidorm is the possibility of going to the supermarket, that you will find in the surrounding area and filling the fridge with the dishes that you like the most and at the lowest price.

Enjoy Benidorm without schedules

Let’s not forget about the balcony too soon. So, imagine enjoying a dinner in your apartment in Benidorm. The dinner carries on late, you all feel like carrying on the party and decide (as we recommend you should) to go out to get to know the nightlife in Benidorm. Imagine that it’s 5 or 6 in the morning when you are putting the key into the door of your apartment.

Well, this is another of our proposals so that you enjoy your apartment in Benidorm: live every day without living to a timetable. Go to bed whenever you want, wake up whenever you want, eat whenever you want. Forget the schedules and concentrate solely and exclusively on living on the town and living your holidays as you wish.

Apartments in Benidorm with a swimming pool

Our last recommendation for you to take advantage of your apartment in Benidorm in summer is, of course, to combine the leisure, plans and natural attractions offered by the town with those we offer you within the Beninter apartments.

Depending on the apartment you choose, you will be able to take a dip in the pool, lie down to sunbathe on the lawn, relax in the sauna, do some exercise on the tennis and paddle courts or in the gym, play with the children in the playground … You can relax, cool off and have fun without having to leave the building.