holidays benidormWe have got back into our routine, we have the memories of the Christmas holidays and few extra pounds on our hips, the cold has crept into our days and January feels very uphill. But … Let’s leave all negative thoughts aside! We would like to encourage you to think ahead and start to think about your next break.


This year in Spain, the national holidays are less than ever at the beginning of the year and some communities will not enjoy a bank holiday until mid-April, when Easter will take place. So, what can be done? Take advantage of those days and enjoy them as you deserve to.

This year, the date that Easter falls makes taking a holiday even more appealing. Forget for a few minutes about the cold outside and imagine walking the streets of Benidorm, accompanied by the sun and an average temperature of 17-18 degrees, the smell of the sea and of a different town, exciting and full of life waiting to be explored. What if you start preparing your holidays in Benidorm? We cannot think of a better destination!

What to do in Benidorm

If you have ever been to Benidorm, you will know that the town is a good place to spend a few days having fun in a unique environment and with ideal temperatures. And if you’ve not had the pleasure of visiting before and seeing it for yourself, we can assure you that its true.

What can you do in Benidorm at Easter?

Discover what is probably the most peculiar town of the Mediterranean. The old town, the kilometres of beaches, the surroundings areas… The Castle is one of the most beautiful places, and your walk around will be made even better if you take the opportunity to also discover the area of ​​the port and the boat club. Contemplate Poniente beach, part of the skyline of Benidorm and the island, look out over the small beach of Mal Pas, walk to the lighthouse … If you want to rest while contemplating some of the beautiful views, you can do so by having a drink in the bar that you will find above the boat club.

The best way to visit Benidorm is on foot, but at this time of year by bike is another highly recommended option. In addition, the town has made lots of changes so that cycling around is a simpler task.

The Benidorm Island is the jewel of the skyline that can be seen from any part of the town when you look out to the sea. But … What if we told you that you can visit it? Each day different trips are organized allowing you to see the view the other way round. A plan that we would encourage you to include on your to do list in Benidorm.

Of course, during the days of Easter you can also attend the processions and events organized for the ocasion. Subject to last minute changes, the tourist office has already prepared the Benidorm Easter 2019 calendar.

Where to eat in Benidorm

If you are looking for some gastronomical recommendations for your Benidorm holiday, here’s a few, for different likes and prices.

· The Falua. Located in the area of La Cala of Benidorm, for a slightly higher budget, but excellent quality, service and surroundings.

· Llum del Mar. A restaurant that also has prices above the average but in which you can experience the wonderful seafood while enjoying a panoramic view of the Mediterranean.

· Basques Street. (Tapas Alley) food served in the style of northern Spain, small tapas and food on a stick, great atmosphere at any time of day and where you can eat plenty without over spending.

· The Bandit. Another place to go for tapas at a good price, very popular with local in Benidorm where the live performances ensure a good atmosphere.

· XOXO. Their shakes are their main speciality. But their burgers are too, they are served with some gloves, a detail that gives you an idea of how big they are.