benidorm covesThe temperatures in Benidorm in August reach a maximum of 31º and minimum of 21º, the hottest of the year. The sun shines like no other time and throughout the whole day. You can see the bright blue of the Mediterranean Sea from anywhere in the town and smell the fragrance of summer. With these assets, the most desirable plan during a Benidorm holiday is, in case there was any doubt, to spend a relaxing day on any of its beaches.


On this blog we prepared a mini guide of the Benidorm beaches so that you can get know the ones close to the center, those that have a beach bar, those that you can go with dogs… However, today we want to focus on two of them that are perfect nature traps. Two beauties where you can go to forget the hustle and bustle of the town and daily routine to completely indulge in relaxation and calmness. We are referring to the two coves of Benidorm: Tío Ximo and Almadrava.

These two spots of paradise are at the foot of the Serra Gelada mountain. They are the only two nudist beaches in Benidorm, they are perfect for snorkeling, with rocks and stones you will need appropriate footwear (water shoes), they have surveillance and lifeguard posts and they are both really beautiful.

If you have means of transport, access to them is relatively simple. They are very close to each other, and by parking between the two you can visit both. From the end of the Levante Beach in the Rincón de Loix, up the steep Calle Mayor Manuel Catalán Chana, you can see the signs to ‘Cala del Tío Ximo’. Or Bus line 024, which stops on Avenida Ametlla de Mar or at the end of Avenida Madrid (Levante seafront), also takes you to the coves of Benidorm.

Along Dos Calas Street (the road that takes you towards them) you will enjoy incredible views of the Mediterranean, the Benidorm island and the skyline. And, although we have said that getting to them is easy, we recommend that you bring your beach bag full of water and food, as they a bit far away from the shops to be able to pop back when you are hungry.

Once up, you have three options: Tio Ximo, Almadrava, or the one we recommend most, that you visit both.


Benidorm Cove: Tio  Ximo

Tío Ximo cove is the smallest of the two. It’s mainly covered with fine sand, stone and rock, so most visitors go equipped with good water shoes and a beach chair.. However, you will also find there are sun beds and umbrellas to hire.

The water in this cove is clear and crystal clear, so you will see many swimmers snorkeling. You can take a circular tour observing and enjoying the seabed walls that surround the cove.

If you go early, you will find parking a few meters from the access to the beach. But if not, you would have to leave your car in a parking area at the top of the cove and walk down to it.


Benidorm Cove: Almadrava

The Almadrava Cove is a bit bigger than the Tio Ximo, it has larger stretches of sand (although it also has stones and rocks) and its water is transparent and calm, you will want to take a dip as soon as you see it.

To get there, you must leave the car in the same parking area that we mentioned for Tío Ximo and walk down a path through the mountain. You must look where you are going as you might miss the sign for the beach. The road starts with a few steps and continues through the countryside. It is easy to get there, takes about 5 minutes.

Again, it is a beach, famous for its clear water and sea life, very suitable for snorkeling and diving and it is possible that throughout the day people on Kayak routes visit the cove.