apartamentos benidormBeach in the morning, lunch in the apartment, nap by the pool … This could be your routine during a Benidorm holiday. And in the evening? When the sun reduces its intensity and begins to fall we recommend that you prepare a nice outfit and get yourself onto the streets of Benidorm to discover the corners that the town hides. These are the 10 essential points to include on your evening walks.



#1. The Benidorm Castle and the Mediterranean Balcony

One of the most beautiful places in Benidorm. Romantic, very Mediterranean and so pleasant. A place which, yes or yes, you must make a visit. A small spoiler: despite its name, you will not find a castle. What served as a defense of the town in the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries was abandoned and, today, only a few parts of the wall remain.

What you will find is a spectacular view of Benidorm. It is located throughout the center of the town separating Poniente and Levante, which allows you to observe both sides taking a circular walk around it. The sea view, the beach and the skyline is most incredible from the Mediterranean Balcony, the most famous viewpoint of the town. During the summer evenings, it also becomes a magical place where the stalls of portrait artists and pieces of handicrafts are sold and live music accompany your visit.


#2. Old town of Benidorm

Although it may seem otherwise, Benidorm is not just skyscrapers. That is perhaps the most attractive, striking and unique image of the town, but when you enter its old town to discover steep narrow streets, with low buildings and all typically painted white.

The most beautiful streets are those that are on the way up to the Castle and the St James and St Anne Church. We are referring to Condestable Zaragoza, San Lorenzo, San Vicente, Alicante, Santa Faz and surrounding streets. Keep your eye out on the first street we have mentioned, Condestable Zaragoza, you will find the narrowest alley in Benidorm.


#3. Benidorm Town Hall

On your route through Benidorm you should include the SSMM the Kings of Spain Square, this will allow you to see one of the most peculiar buildings of the town: the town hall. Between all the vertical towers, this building was designed with the idea of ​​breaking this structure. The result? An impressive horizontal tower.


#4. L’AigĂĽera Park

If you visit the town hall, you can’t leave this area without visiting the l’AigĂĽera Park. The town hall is the entrance (or exit, depending on how you look at it), this is one of the green areas of Benidorm that has 2 amphitheatres that host concerts and other performances and that also separates the old part of Benidorm with the new one.


#5. Elche Park

Also known by the Benidorm locals as the “Dove Park” due to the amount of white doves that fill it daily. It is a meeting place for many thanks to its location, it links the main streets of the town center with the beginning of Poniente beach. The views of the beach, the stalls and attractions that are set up along it and that it is close to everything make it an ideal place for a visit.


# 6 Benidorm Port

Leaving behind the Elche park along the Paseo de Colón, we will arrive in a few minutes to the Port of Benidorm. A must to enjoy the Mal Pas Cove, to see a great view of the Benidorm Island and to walk across the footbridge that connects it with the lighthouse, a perfect point to contemplate the Poniente area of ​​Benidorm and enjoy the tranquility that can be felt here.


# 7 Boca del Calvari Museum, Benidorm

Opened a few years ago, this space located on the corner of the Paseo de la Carretera and Tomás Ortuño street hosts diverse exhibitions but with the same aim: to disclose the evolution of the history of Benidorm since the first settlers settled down to become what is today. Interesting visit to learn a little more about this peculiar corner of the world.


# 8 The palm

In the search engines you will find it as Plaza de la Cruz, but all Benidorm locals will tell you that its name is “La Palmera”. This small square is the most central and busiest point of Benidorm. It is the place that the locals use where the principal streets meet: Alameda street, Ruzafa, MartĂ­nez Alejos and the Carretera de la Carretera.


# 9. The  Benidorm cross

If you have your own means of transport, we recommend, without any doubt, to go up to the Benidorm Cross. At the top of the Serra Gelada mountain, this viewpoint offers one of our favorite panoramic views of the town. You will see many cars parked on the road that takes you up to it. Park where you can to end the tour on foot and enjoy the views for a while. Seeing how the sun sets behind the Puig Campana mountain is a beautiful experience. And, for those of you who do not suffer from vertigo, the trip by car to this place will also be incredible.


# 10. The Benidorm Beaches

Of course, the Benidorm beaches had to have their point in this article. If you visit the places we have already told you about, you may already have enjoyed the beaches. However, we want you to enjoy them a bit more by taking a long walk along them. On the Levante sea front you will find more atmosphere, especially when the sun goes down. As for Poniente, you will be captured by the sound and smell of the sea.