streets benidorm center

The center of Benidorm is busy and full of life 24 hours a day, as you will know if you have had the pleasure of walking through it. Along its streets the commercial and gastronomic offer is varied and complete, ready to satisfy the tastes and needs of all the different nationalities and age groups that visit the town.

Today we want you to accompany us on a tour through the main streets of the center and points of interest of the town, so that, if it’s among your plans to enjoy a holiday in Benidorm, you know a little more about the places you can go and know what awaits you in them.

Avenida de Ruzafa

One of the main Benidorm avenues. Especially for those who travel around the town by car. This avenue connects the most central point of Benidorm with the different entrances to the town. It has a great commercial and gastronomical offer. Its main point of interest would be the square that you can find nearly at the bottom of the avenue which is full of tapas bars and cider houses that always have full terraces and a great atmosphere.

Plaza de la Hispanidad

Or popularly known by the Benidorm locals as Plaza Triangular. It is one of the main meeting points and most people consider it as the exact center of the town. It connects Avenida Mediterráneo, one of the main arteries of Benidorm, with the center. Here, in addition to a famous and popular Bingo, you will find an ideal, pleasant area to make a stop and rest. Whilst I am writing this it is been renovated, but we hope that if you are reading this later in time, it will be finished and ready for you to enjoy it.

Calle Gambo Benidorm

This is one of the main commercial streets of Benidorm where you can stop for a coffee or a cold slush, eat a crepe or enjoy a cold beer. It has also recently been renovated and has re-opened with more benches, greenery and space to be enjoyed. When there are festivities or special dates, such as Christmas or the Benidorm fiestas, it gets very busy as it is one of the main places where attractions, small stages or even street markets are set up.

Calle Alameda Benidorm

Undoubtedly the street by excellence where you can go for a drink in Benidorm. It also has some shops, but if it’s famous for something it’s for the terraces that unfold on both sides of the street and even along the center of it. Locals and visitors usually to come to this street after dinner and have their first drink before going on to the pubs in the area, it’s only a few meters away from Calle Alameda. This street connects with the Calle Mayor, which ascends to the church and El Castillo, and, through the streets that leave from it on both sides, you will arrive either at the Levante Beach or the Paseo de la Carretera.

Paseo de la Carretera Benidorm

Another of the most commercial streets of Benidorm. But it’s not the shops that keep this part of the town busy, it’s that it is used to get to the famous Tapas Alley streets, the Basque area. If you carry on to the end you will find the Elche Park (The Dove park), one of the most beautiful places in Benidorm.

Elche Park Benidorm

And what is Elche Park? It marks the beginning of the Poniente promenade and offers a beautiful panoramic view of its beach and skyline. If you walk a few meters from this point you will reach the port, an equally beautiful place to enjoy this part of the Mediterranean. From the port you can see the famous and steep stairs that will take you to the Castle area.

L’Aigüera Park

Another place we wanted to highlight is the l’Aigüera park for the simple fact that it is not a very popular place for those who visit Benidorm. And we don’t understand why! It is a park located a few minutes from the center of the town where you can enjoy a pleasant walk. Especially if you travel to Benidorm with children because there are many new play areas including zip lines and football.

And we could continue listing places for hours. However, we want to save somethings to give you the pleasure of continuing to discover the rest of the town for yourself and to fall in love as we did with each of the corners and the peculiarities that make it a unique town.