planning holiday benidorm

For those of you who like to travel and discover new places and also like to spend hours thinking about where to go, looking at cheap flight deals. Whose never been in that situation where you feel like buying a ticket, packing your suitcase and saying goodbye? However if you’re looking at saving money on your trip it’s best to plan ahead.


The experts recommend it and holiday makers confirm it: planning your holiday ahead of time allows you to save money and get a better deal. The punctual and increasingly rare “last minute” offers are no longer an advisable option and leaving everything for the last minute you won’t be able to get the holiday that you were looking for or you’ll have to pay more than you were expecting to.

Benidorm holiday

When you have a holiday in Benidorm in mind, anticipating becomes even more important. As we have said on many occasions: Benidorm is, thanks to its climate, things to do and all it has to offer, a great destination for any time of the year. Meaning that the town has a very high percentage of occupancy all year round. Benidorm is also a destination that many choose for longer stays, making availability even more complicated.

There is plenty to choose from but there is also a lot of demand and if you’re looking to enjoy a holiday on specific dates, the only way to get the holiday that you are looking for is to book in advance.

How to get to Benidorm

Planing your holiday in advance also gives you all the time you need to think, compare and check out all the available options. This is especially important, for example, when choosing the means of transport that will take you to your destination. Normally you would travel by plane without contemplating other options such as train, car or combining various.

About transport, some other advice that experts give after their research is that the farther away the trip is and the earlier it is booked the better, that Sunday is the best day to book, also that the cheapest flights are those that leave on Tuesdays and the best months to travel are, in order, January, November and February.

In case you did not know, here’s a post where we tell you about how to get to Benidorm.

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