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Benidorm is one of the main urban centres of its region. If you take a holiday in Benidorm you will find that it is a cosmopolitan and modern town but, at the same time, it has many traditions that make it unique, with plenty to do, miles of beaches to explore and places to discover. But the attraction of a holiday in Benidorm is not just this, its much more.

In the surrounding areas there are beautiful villages that, especially if you are lucky enough to repeat your holidays in Benidorm or have enough time, we strongly recommend visiting. Coastal villages where you can live new experiences, deepen your knowledge about this area and make the memories of your Benidorm holiday even better.

They are close to Benidorm, small, perfect for a short visit and, what is even better: thanks to the good public transport network and the existing connection from Benidorm you will not need a car to reach them.


altea benidorm


Altea is a small coastal town with a magical aura. It is the most bohemian town of the area with a hippie spirit and where you can feel the essence of the Mediterranean in every corner. The town transforms and comes to life in summer. The whitewashed architecture and the gray cobbled streets contrast with the colors of doors, windows, plant pots and decorative complements. A perfect getaway for an evening in which we recommend that you come and contemplate the sunset from any of its balconies overlooking the Mediterranean.

A must: Visit the church square, full of stalls and street artists when the good weather starts, and enjoy wandering up and down its steep streets.

How to get to Altea from Benidorm

· Bus. Our recommendation, even if you have a car, is that you travel to Altea by bus. Especially if it is during the high season. Why? There is generally lots of traffic in the access of the town and not many places to park a car. From Benidorm there are 3 bus lines that will take you to Altea: the number 10 (which connects both centres), the number 12 (from the area of La Cala passing through Benidorm) and number 31 (less frequently and from the area of The Rincon de Loix).

· Car. From Benidorm, the car journey takes about 15-20 minutes to Altea along the ‘Avenida de la Comunidad Valenciana’ that connects with the N332 road.

· Train. Another option is to take the L9 line of the TRAM, which connects both places. However, we must warn you that in Benidorm you will only find one train station and it is a bit far from the centre.




Albir is a town that belongs to the Alfaz del Pi municipality. Its proximity to Altea makes an ideal plan to visit both towns on the same day, as the seafront connects the two, making it possible to get from one town to the next with a nice long walk by the sea. On the way you will find numerous beach bars, pubs and restaurants with the most appetizing menus and, in high season, fairs and stalls are set up filling the area with a wonderful atmosphere.

A must: The Albir promenade is also a walk of stars which we would recommend you take some time to discover the artists that are engraved on it.

How to get to Albir from Benidorm

· Bus. Again we would recommend that you go by bus from Benidorm to Albir.The same number buses that take you to Altea, only that you have to get off the bus a few stops earlier.

· Car. As in the case of Altea take the ‘Avenida de la Comunidad Valenciana’ that connects with the N332 road. Keep an eye on the sign posts that will take you to the town.



villajoyosa benidorm


Its name means ‘happy town’ and this not due to mere chance. It is known locally as ‘La Vila’, this fishing village is marked by tradition (the most important being the ‘Moors and Christians’ and ‘Santa Marta’), chocolate ( the Spanish chocolate brand Valor is based here) and its spectacular and numerous beaches. A great day out to unwind in a peaceful place.

A must: Visit its numerous beaches and walk along the promenade contemplating the old fishermen’s houses, each one painted in a different color.

How to get to Villajoyosa from Benidorm

· Car. On this occasion the car is perhaps the best option to get from Benidorm to La Vila. Driving out of Benidorm take the N332 road towards Alicante and turn off when you see the sign posts.

· Train. From the central TRAM station of Benidorm you can take the L1 that will take you to Villajoyosa. You can stop at 2 stops: Creueta and La Vila Joiosa.

· Bus. Alsa is the company that provides the bus service connecting both places.