holiday benidomWhen you read that question, surely the word ‘summer’ came to mind. We all have the perception that Benidorm, sun, sea and sand are unseperable concepts. We don’t intend to deny the undeniable: that the summer is great for a holiday in Benidorm. But we would like to show you that the other seasons also have plenty to offer. Are you interested in traveling to Benidorm, but not to sure whether it’s the right time of year? Keep reading to clear your doubts.


We will start by reminding you of some of the information that we gave you previously in the ‘post’ about holidays in Benidorm 365 days a year. One: Benidorm is located in a strategic
geographical point that means it has a micro climate throughout the year. Two: thanks to this, the temperature in the town varies from an average 11.2ºC in the coldest months to 26.5ºC in the hottest.

Conclusion? A holiday in Benidorm regardless of the time of the year, will mean you enjoy the best temperatures of mainland Spain.

But more than the temperature, the town strives to be an attractive destination for tourists not only in the summer.

The summer months are, of course, the months in which you can take advantage of every aspect of the town and especially its main attraction: the Benidorm beaches. But you should also bear in mind that they are the months with the most tourists. You will not have to worry about anything else, except keeping an eye on our social networks to find out about all the celebrations, festivals, events and activities that will be held in the town. The Benidorm events calendar in summer is full every year.

Once again, Autumn is a perfect season for a holiday in Benidorm. Throughout the first few weeks the sun continues to shine and the beaches are alot quieter and more appealing than ever. And when the days come that you need to get your coat out of the wardrobe it will be time to enjoy a lively Benidorm, the fiestas. In Autumn some of the most important festivies of the town take place, like the ‘Moors and Christians’ and the main Benidorm Fiestas.

Winter is an equally attractive season for a break. The main reason being, yet again the temperature. Benidorm is probably one of the places where the winter is felt less. Say goodbye to the ice and cold for a few days away. Who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas in the nice weather? We’re not exaggerating when we recommend that you pack a couple of short sleeved t shirts!

And last but not least, Spring is a mixture of all the above making it an ideal season to travel to Benidorm. At the beggining of Spring the lower temperatures in Benidorm are full of celebrations and events, like the Fallas. Easter normally coincides with a change in the weather when the Benidorm locals and tourists head to the beach, even if it’s just to lay on the sand and sunbathe. Perfect days to make the most of the weather to go for long walks or maybe take a hike and explore the mountains that surround the town. And without realising it towards the end of May, beggining of June you will be able to try on your new summer outfit and have your first dip of the year in the sea.

So, when is the best time of the year to travel to Benidorm? Everyone of them! You just have to check your calendar, find the dates that suit you best, book your apartment in Benidorm and enjoy some nice days and disconnect.