holidays benidorm

We’ve got good news for you! There’s little over a month til Christmas. What does it feel like to be reminded? Reunions, lunches, dinners, markets, illuminations, decorations, presents, illusion… There are plenty of things we love about Christmas, but especially: the opportunity to escape for a few days away and disconnect from your routine.


Have you thought about the idea of spending Christmas in Benidorm? We would like to tell you everything you need to know so that you can see what a great idea it is to visit us at this time of the year.


Christmas in Benidorm

If you’ve chosen Benidorm to spend your Christmas holidays it means you’ve chosen the perfect destination, if you are looking to get away from the cold and ice to swap them for a few days of sun and pleasant temperatures. So much so that on more than one occasion we have witnessed beaches full of people sunbathing at Christmas.

This years christmas holidays might not reach that extreme, but what we can assure you is that your walks, activities and Christmas shopping will be accompanied by pleasant temperatures and, at certain times of the day some comforting sunshine.

With the good weather that you can enjoy in Benidorm you will want to join in all of the events that the town has prepared over the Christmas period. Some of the activities vary each year, but what is never missing on the Benidorm Christmas calendar are the different editions of markets, book fairs, theaters and recitals and especially the famous “Christmas Square” located under the town hall of Benidorm with fairground attractions, ice rink and other activities.

Another of the important dates which the Benidorm locals enjoy year after year is what they call “tardeos”, (afternoon drinks). On the 24th and 31st December the bars on the main streets of the Benidorm old town (especially in the Basque area (tapas alley), The Castle and La Palma Street) set up stages with music and a great food and drink offer with popular prices so that from midday til its time for dinner people can warm up. These two afternoons in Benidorm have an amazing atmosphere.

New Years Eve in Benidorm

Benidorm is famous, along with other aspects, for its nightlife. And on New Years Eve it was not going to be any less! There are various options to choose from. The first is to go out in the center of town, in the pubs and discos which have an even better atmosphere than the rest of the year and close later than usual.

Another option is to see in the New Year eating the traditional grapes by the stage that is set up either in the Town Hall or on the Levante Beach, where bands and DJs play music until well into the early hours. Another plan that many choose is to buy tickets for the big Benidorm discos. They include access to several of them, free bar and extras like hats and garlands.

Choose the plan you choose, they all have the last stop of the night in common. A traditional hot chocolate with churros (donut like mixture made in long pieces) that many make their first breakfast of the year, the chocolate shop Valor, located on Calle Lepanto, is usually the most popular one.

Benidorm with children

It’s the smallest of the family that enjoy Christmas the most. Children enjoy the holidays with illusion and excitement. For this reason most of the Christmas activities and plans in Benidorm are prepared for them.

At different points in the center there are small fairs with rides and games, Santa Claus and the three Kings make visits, theatres, recitals and shows throughout the holidays and the Town Hall is transformed into the ‘Christmas Square’, where you can find most of the attractions with a great Christmas atmosphere every evening and night over the Christmas period.

Cheap holidays in Benidorm

Apartment rental in Benidorm for the Christmas holidays is a more than recommended option. The extra space, the shared communal areas and the freedom to come and go that an apartment gives you make it a perfect place to enjoy a family atmosphere and meet up which is what we’re all looking for at this time of the year, a place where we can organize our lunches and dinners, see in the New Year and enjoy a more than deserved rest to start the New Year with your batteries charged.