plans benidorm

Summer has said goodbye until next year. However, after a rainy end to September, Benidorms good weather is back with perfect temperatures to enjoy the town.This time last year the beaches were packed . This year, history repeats itself. But it doesn’t always have to be beach, beach, beach! October is full of plenty of plans in Benidorm. Keep reading to discover them.


Classical music in Benidorm

For those who are going to visit Benidorm in October and would like to enjoy a classical music concert, you will have the opportunity to do so in the Assembly Hall at Benidorm Town Hall. The local council has organised a series of free concerts with different artists. Commencing on Friday the 5th with pianist Jose Maria Villegas. On 12th October, the pianist will repeat with the violinist, Francisco Fullana. The last Friday of the month, on the 26th, the sound of Ignacio Gascón’s saxophone and Ivet Frontela’s piano can be enjoyed.

Valencian Community Day

It couldn’t be any other way, on the 9th October, Valencian Community Day is celebrated in style. As well as decorating the streets, popular dances, music concerts, parades and traditional markets are organised. We can’t think of a better opportunity to discover a less known side of Benidorm.

Iberia Festival in Benidorm

Taking advantage of the ‘Puente del Pilar’, Spanish National Holiday on the 12th and 13th October a new edition of the Iberia Festival will take place in Benidorm, a Spanish pop-rock music festival. An event that you should not miss if you want to go back to the past with the music of groups such as Tequila, Café Quijano, Invisible Dance or Coque Malla.

‘Puente de Pilar’ in Benidorm

One of the things we have to thank October for is the ‘Puente del Pilar’ a Spanish national holiday, a break that many of us need so that the run up to the Christmas holidays isn’t as long. Unlike the thermometers of many other towns, Benidorm keeps up an ideal temperature to be able to enjoy long walks, lunch on a terrace and as we said earlier, the beach!

‘Peñas’ Day

In our last article we talked about the most important celebration in Benidorm ‘Mayores Patronales’, the Benidorm Fiestas. Even though they are celebrated in November, the last weekend of October is chosen by the Benidorm people as an excuse to celebrate that the fiestas are just around the corner. The night of Saturday the 27th, they concentrate in the Julio Iglesias auditorium to enjoy concerts and Dj’s. Eventhough it’s an event that’s attended by the ‘peñas’ its access is open to all and is free of charge and we would recommend that you make it a date.

Traditional paellas

Music, celebrations, traditions… And also gastronomy! If you will be in Benidorm between the 20th and the 28th October, you can’t leave the town without going to this event. It’s one of the most important gastronomic events in the town where you can taste the best rice recipes from different bars and restaurants of the town. What better time to try the authentic Valencian paella?