Christmas BenidormThe most magical and exciting season of the year is approaching: Christmas. Shops, streets and entire towns are covered in decorations and colored lights, the Christmas markets and stalls make you leave the house for wonderful festive walks. Christmas parties make everyone happy but the smallest of the family get even more excited.

There are many families at this time of the year decide to come on holiday to Benidorm for a change and to enjoy some special family days. And it’s to be sure the children will have fun. What plans can you make with children in Benidorm at Christmas?

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Christmas Square in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento (Town Hall)

Many years of tradition make the Plaza de SS. MM. The Kings of Spain or, better known as the town hall square, become the Christmas center of Benidorm. It is here where, when December begins, the famous “Christmas Square” is officially open until the middle of January, numerous stalls with food, candy floss, popcorn and games are installed under the town hall, as well as rides and trampolines for the little ones and the best bit: the ice skating rink. Christmas evenings are the best time to spend treasured family time with children, when everything is prepared for their maximum enjoyment.

Christmas market in downtown streets

A weekend before Christmas (16th and 17th December this year), the Commission of Festivities of Benidorm organizes a charming Christmas Market on the streets of the center, the main Alameda Street or Martinez Alejos Street (varies depending on the year). You can buy natural foods, handicrafts and collaborate with many local businesses. Each yearly edition has events or theatres for the smallest of the family and sometimes a small fair.

Old town of Benidorm

For some years now, the attractions and the atmosphere of the “Plaza de la Navidad” stretch throughout the streets of the center of Benidorm. The triangular plaza, Calle Gambo and Martínez Alejos are filled with activities, games, stalls and attractions like a small merry-go-round to ensure the fun for both parents and children. We recommend that you come and take a family walk to discover the most Christmassy and animated face of Benidorm.

Magic Circus

Lights show, colours, sounds, acrobats, clowns, singers, artists and of all kinds of pleasure in Magic Circus, one of the few permanent circuses in the Valencian Community that chose to settle in Benidorm.

Those who have visited it highlight its easy access and parking (Avda. Severo Ochoa, 13 next to Benidorm Palace), its good communication with public transport (bus) and the fact that it is a circus that does not work with animals. For all that and more, we think it’s a perfect plan to enjoy as a family this Christmas.

Three Kings Parade in Benidorm

The night of January 5 to 6 is one of the most magical of the year for the Spanish children. The night of kings is enjoyed by all the children, nervous and very excited. But before going to bed and waiting for the kings to deliver their presents, they love to give them the welcome they deserve. You cannot miss the parade of Kings of Benidorm it is full of shows, dances, animals and beautiful floats . It leaves from the Park of Elche (Dove Park) and ends at the town hall, where the magic carries on when the kings hand out gifts. Don’t miss out!!