holiday benidorm

As you have just read: a holiday in Benidorm is a perfect plan for anytime of the year. The privileged climate that the town enjoys makes this easy. But the years of hard work by the local council making sure that there are events and celebrations all year round also plays a large part. So if you have the idea of a break running through your head, don’t think twice: choose your dates, book your Benidorm apartment and get ready to visit a town full of life.


Get away from your routine, if it’s just for a few days, getting trapped by the warm sun and the peaceful sea is always a nice feeling. And if we told you this is possible at any time of the year in Benidorm?


Benidorm Holiday

The town has a strategic location and orientation in which the surrounding mountains act as natural barriers. They impede that the cold air flows through in the winter and hold back the clouds of many of the bad weather fronts. Resulting in very few rainy days and the sun taking lead of the days.

From May to October it’s quite normal for the tourists and the locals to take a swim in the sea. They’re even a few who swim all year round. For those of you who don’t like such extremes the town is just as attractive, and appealing throughout the cooler months.

Benidorm is constantly transforming and evolving. A town that welcomes and wins the hearts of its habitants from all parts of the world has to strive to keep up the best offer. So the main achievements of the local Council are concentrated precisely on this idea: expanding the offer of entertainment and leisure of the town to satisfy all publics, all year round.


What dates to choose for a holiday in Benidorm?

Benidorm has managed to become a non-temporary holiday destination in which tourism is no longer concentrated only in the summer, Christmas or Easter seasons. Enjoying a holiday at any time is possible because 365 days a year you can find the streets full of life and there is plenty to see and do.

We can assure you that every month of the year a parade, Regional Festival, fireworks or a music band will surprise you in Benidorm, you can assist concerts or for example join a gastronomic experience. Can you believe it?


Plans throughout the year in Benidorm

Benidorm greets the New Year starting the celebration on the streets the afternoon of the 31st of December and ending it the morning of the 1st of January. In January there is also one of the traditional festivals of the town known as the ‘Horta’ which is in honor of St. Anthony. February is Carnival month and in Benidorm there are parades for adults and children along the streets of the center. A large marquee is set up for concerts and music. It’s also the month of romance in which the shops and restaurants prepare to offer you a few days of your dreams with your partner.

In March, without a doubt, the main attraction are the ‘Fallas’. The statues, the fire and the gunpowder take over the town. Another important celebration, especially for the British public is St. Patricks Day. April is the month that normally coincides with Easter week and it’s the reminder that there’s 6 months till the Benidorm Fiestas. This is a good reason to celebrate and there are activities like the collective Camp.

The temperatures begin to rise and in May it’s time to set up the traditional medieval market in Benidorm. It’s also the month that the ‘Romeria of San Isidrio’ is celebrated. In June it’s fire’s turn again but this time it’s the ‘San Juan Hogueras’.

Throughout July and August, the busiest months with most tourists in Benidorm, the plans are more than secure. Even though, important events are the ‘Low Festival’, in July or the Carmen and St James Celebrations in August.

September begins with the Benidorm Pride celebration and ends with the ‘Moros and Christians’. October has an important date, the day of the Valencian Community. In town there are various events. In November the streets are decorated and full of life to celebrate the Benidorm Fiestas. And December, the arrival of Christmas means the streets are filled with Christmas carols, nativities and fairy lights. Ice skating, merry go rounds, plays… Just a few of the plans that you can enjoy.

All of this is just a quick resume of what you can expect in Benidorm. What did you think? Have we convinced you as to which is the best month for a Benidorm Holiday?