benidorm holidaysBenidorm is a town that, for some time now, has remained in the top rankings of preferred holiday destinations. A position that was gained from its efforts in making an attractive tourist offer for all ages and for people from all parts of the world.

If you have not yet discovered it for yourself and are wondering why so many people fall in love with this town every year, here’s our 10 reasons why, to convince you that you too should take a holiday in Benidorm:

#1. Discover the charming corners of Benidorm that maintain its essence of a Mediterranean town.

The humble old white houses of the past fishermen can be found hidden between the towering buildings, the Mediterranean Balcony, where we can look out and contemplate incredible sea views, or the Castle, a perfect place for walks whilst enjoying the sea breeze. Unique experiences that can only be savored in a Mediterranean town.

#2. Feel, tread, smell and resuming, enjoy the kilometers and kilometers of Benidorm beach.

The town stretches along its 2 main beaches, Poniente and Levante, which are separated by the small beach ‘Mal Pas’. Also, at the foot of the Serra Gelada mountain, there are some secluded small scenic treasures, such as the virgin coves of the TioXimo and Almadrava. The fine sand, the temperature of the water, its promenades and the different activities that are available (Cable Sky, volleyball, football …) make the beaches of Benidorm the main attraction of the city.

#3. A town where you can have fun during the day but, even more so at night.

The countless terraces, pubs and bars that are located on the beach or in the center of the town have a great atmosphere at any time of the day. But, undoubtedly, its night time when the fun is more than assured. Benidorm offers fun filled nights and parties for all ages, preferences and nationalities.

#4. Amusement parks where you can feel the adrenaline under the water or up in the air.

Spend a day full of action, feel the adrenaline run through your veins, in Benidorm it’s possible thanks to its amusement parks. For the summer seasons, Aqualandia and Aqua Natura are the water parks that receive the most visitors. Or the perfect day for thrill seekers and families, at theTerra Mitica theme park you can fly.

#5. Dining out for all budgets.

Benidorm caters for all budgets and tastes, eating out in Benidorm you can find tapas and pinchos, seafood and roasts, Italian and Chinese, homemade British food and not to forget the famous Paella.

#6. Visit the British Square of Benidorm.

Most Brits concentrate around the square, a fun plan where you can find British shops, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs.

#7. See in person the spectacular skyline of Benidorm.

Many of us have the most famous image of Benidorm engraved in our mind: the panoramic of its beaches over towered by its skyscrapers. But seeing this picture postcard in person is an even more incredible experience. We recommend two spots: The Cross on Serra Gelada Mountain (for a view from Levante) and El Mirador in La Cala de Benidorm (for a view from Poniente). Of course from the Benidorm Balcony you can also enjoy both.

#8. Go walking in the surrounding villages.

A few kilometers from Benidorm you can visit charming villages such as La Vila Joiosa, Guadalest, Caple or Altea.

#9. Eat a pancake or waffle at the famous Maneken Pis.

The crepes and waffles of this small but famous kiosk in Benidorm are so delicious that they have earned it, to be one of the reasons to visit Benidorm.

#10. Enjoy the wonderful climate of Benidorm.

Undoubtedly, the most important reason: the microclimate in Benidorm which breaks with the seasons and the town can offer a mild and pleasant temperature even in winter. This is why any time of the year is a good time to visit Benidorm.