Plans in Benidorm: Getting to know l’Abadia beer house

plans benidorm

  Golden, black, toasted, IPA, pilsen, wheat … If we ask you to think about your favourite beer, which one comes to mind? And, if you could choose from a catalogue with more than 100 choices, what beer would you choose? Would you take a sure bet? or would you like to try something new […]

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Why Beninter Benidorm apartments are ideal for children

benidorm apartments

  One of the ways to enjoy your holidays the most is by sharing it with your family. We know that planning and organizing a holiday for everyone is complicated and can give you a head ache, when planning activities and where to stay in your chosen destination. But even so the end experience will […]

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Where is Benidorm? Learn more about its excellent location

benidorm location

  Known to many as the “New York” of the Mediterranean. Well it is the second place in the world with more skyscrapers per square meter. However, it is located on the other side of the world, occupying a small part of the Alicante province. We are talking about Benidorm, of course, and precisely it’s […]

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Curiosities, facts and information about Benidorm to get to know the town

about benidorm

  Known internationally for its extensive beaches, its warm weather 365 days a year and its skyline dominated by its many skyscrapers, Benidorm leaves none of its visitors indifferent. A peculiar town, a unique town. Sometimes eccentric, sometimes modern, sometimes a paradise. Anything can happen in Benidorm and you can see everything there.   However, […]

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What to do on your April holiday in Benidorm

April Benidorm

  Spring has arrived! And Benidorm is already preparing its most animated, versatile, attractive and pleasant side. April presents itself as the perfect month to start warming up. Have you booked your Benidorm apartment for this time of the year? Do you need an excuse to pack your bags and get away? Then read on to […]

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Gemelos 26: apartments in Benidorm, relax by the Mediterranean

holiday benidorm

  Open your eyes, stretch out your arms, lie in bed for a few minutes, make yourself get up, open the curtains and before you the endless sea view. Have you ever felt this sensation? At Beninter we want the answer to be a yes, and this is why, the best scenario that comes to […]

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Restaurants in Benidorm: discover the ‘Chico Calla!’

eating out benidorm

  Whilst on holiday in Benidorm our taste, our mood and of course our budget make us look for different things. Sometimes we want to buy something practical and fresh to eat whilst we’re on the beach sunbathing. Other times we want to save some money and we pop to the supermarket, do some shopping […]

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What to do in the case of an emergency in Benidorm?

  We are almost sure that during your stay in Benidorm you will not need to read this post. But we say “almost” instead of making it a clear statement because setbacks and emergencies do happen. And when we’re on holiday, too. Where should you go if you have a medical emergency in Benidorm? What […]

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